My Projects

This index will update as I create more elements. Hopefully, there will be patterns and photos at some point.


The Great White Whale 

(2014- ????)
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The Whale is a tailored men’s formal shirt, and is the white mammal that lead me down the rabbithole of clothesmaking. I literally quit my job to finish it. It’s still not done.

The Regency Gent

I’ve always liked this era of menswear, and in retrospect I realise it’s very flattering to transgender bodies: the dropped shoulder and huge sleeves create an artificially broad shoulder and large upper body, while nipped-waist and even male corsetry makes a virtue of curves, and the double-breasted waistcoat is a gift to those hiding actual breasts. I’m hoping that once the costume is done, I can use elements from it to create modern looks I can get away with day to day. 


Since my menswear projects are such a washout, I’ve been looking a lot at vintage ladieswear for clothes that feel glamorous and special and costumey – things I can wear day to day, construct easily, flatter my bod, and make me feel like it’s worth changing out of my PJs in the morning. 

1950s Rockabilly Babe

My bigger historic dressmaking projects have also been a washout, so I’ve refocused on retro/vintage – just to get some clothes I’m excited about wearing. It was getting urgent. The 50s is the most accessible era I’ve tackled so far – simple construction and shapes, and simple undergarments to help you get the vintage shape.

Circle Skirt

Difficulty: 🐋
Time taken: 💀
Read more: Research / Construction Notes / Tag
Straightforward to make and a delight to wear, I want to make 400 of these and wear them every day. Wheee! Whoooosh! So much fun.

50s Floofy Petticoat

Difficulty: 🐋
Time taken: 💀
Read more: Research / Construction Notes / Tag
Very pleasing result – makes the circle skirt look great, and I’m really satisfied with the finish. Again, I want to make more of these in different fabrics and designs – actual 50s petticoats are so much more varied than the standard designs you see available in retro stores.

Bullet Bra

Difficulty: ????
Time taken: ?????
Read more: Research / WORK IN PROGRESS

I did make a muslin for this and…it made me so uncomfortable with my chest it was hard to assess correctly. Is it really supposed to be that pointy…? Did I make the pattern wrongly, or is this my discomfort speaking? Anyway, I’ve discovered that a push up bra will do in a pinch if worn under a 50s-style top.


My lifelong victorian obsession suddenly morphed into an edwardian obssession. I have no idea why.

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