About Me

Vital stats

Sewing since: 2014
Age: 28
Location: London; never leaves the house
Gender: coward


That’s me knitting on the sofa

I got my start in sewing while trying to sew a better fitting shirt; and more broadly, dreaming of releasing free patterns and tutorials for trans people to make their own clothes. I underestimated how tough that would be. In the mean time, I learned a tonne about tailoring and pattern cutting, and got seduced into the world of historic fashion.

I still don’t feel confident in making patterns for other bodies – trans or cis – but I do think the best tutorials are written by people who are still learning and working through mistakes.

So this is my work journal for the things I’m making – both menswear and womenswear as the mood takes me – and hopefully my notes and research. However, bear in mind that I’m no expert – my research notes are just that, notes and links to other resources, no original work, because I’m not qualified at all.

Hopefully, one day I’ll be able to come back to thinking about trans bodies with a lot more wisdom. In the mean time, if you’re trans and are in/can get to London, I’d love work with you to make some clothes, take your measurements, and work together on pattern design – especially women. For trans folk in the rest of the world, I’d like to feature your writing about fashion/dressmaking/ styles for your body. Get in touch.

In the meantime, most of my posts are aimed at all readers. Welcome x

– Slip

(PS – This isn’t a political blog – please don’t bring arguments/anger here, it upsets me, whether that’s homo/transphobic bigotry or inter-community squabbling and discourse. But I am happy to answer good faith questions and help people learn more.)

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